About us

Mansfield Legal is a niche Talent Acquisition company, an insider in the market that understands how your legal world works. We focus in keeping relentlessly strong personal connections with the best talent in order to achieve both the client’s and the candidate’s professional satisfaction.

Although Mansfield Legal is focused on the Italian market, and located in the heart of Milan, we are able to provide international recruitment solutions when Italian legal presence in the Americas, EMEA, and Asia is needed. Furthermore, international candidates are often requested in the Italian market, and thanks to our network of international connections we are able to address those needs.

We have strong experience in working for several macro and sub-sectors within the legal practice services:


  • Banking & Finance

  • Capital Markets

  • Antitrust

  • Corporate/M&A

  • Litigation

  • Employment

  • Energy

  • Insurance

  • Real Estate

  • Public Law

  • Intellectual Property

  • Infotmation Technology

  • Restructuring

  • Tax

  • TMT

  • White Collar Crimes


Mansfield Legal is committed to the transparency of our organization and the privacy of our candidates. Rather then being contradictory the two values work hand in hand, and they constitute the foundations of our business proposition.

We understand today’s importance of diversity in any organization, we do evaluate candidates based exclusively on their professional and soft skills’ matching our clients’ professional needs.

Above all, our goal is to deliver suitable career growth to both clients and candidates. 




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