Why Legal Talent Acquisition and not legal recruiting

Legal Talent Acquisition (LTA) is not about filling open positions, but rather about the utilization of meticulous processes of evaluating candidates and their skills to best fit our client’s organization.

Mansfield Legal believes that it is necessary to have sharp professional talent and skills for any organization that needs to grow, especially in the legal sector.

Today’s innovative legal market environment requires law firms and legal departments to treat legal recruitment as an ongoing effort, rather than as a resource to tap only upon occurrence of contingent needs.

LTA is a continuing cycle of processes involving attracting, sourcing, interviewing and introducing professionals to our client’s workforce, increasing its business potential by acquisition of talented human capital.

Although they are often misunderstood as synonyms, recruiting is only a part of the process of LTA, which also includes client branding, outreach, networking and, in essence, establishing a nonstop professional partnership with our candidates and clients.




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